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Investments in Education at Crystal Cove

Help Crystal Cove Alliance invest in tomorrow’s environmental stewards by supporting our new Sustain Our Students (S.O.S.) scholarship program!  Over 60% of the students who participate in CCA’s education programs come from underserved areas with under-resourced schools. For many, their visit to Crystal Cove is their first opportunity to experience California’s coast or get out on the water.

The Sustain Our Students program is designed to give back to our generous donors while giving  teachers and students access to Crystal Cove Alliance’s inspirational educational programs.

Sustain Our Students Donor List

Picture5Explorer $1,000 – Support a Classroom: An investment of $1000 supports the participation of entire classroom of 30 or more students in education programs in the Park. Explorers will receive personalized thank you notes from the class they’re supporting!
Picture4Navigator $2,500 – Underwrite On-the-Water Programs: Underwrites two classrooms of students in an on-the-water program, like the Marine Protected Area Citizen Science Cruise. Donors at this level will receive thank you notes and a personalized bound book with photos of students participating in their sponsored programs.

Wayfarer $5,000 – Support STEM Programs: 
Support as many as 150 students engaging in real science through CCA’s STEM programs – in the park and on the water. These donors, partners to CCA’s education team, will be invited to join some of the students they’re supporting at sea or in the field, as well as thank-you cards and a personalized bound book.

Picture1Beacon $10,000 –  Light a Beacon for Students:
Partners at the $10,000 level will support more than 300 students as they take part in CCA’s inspirational, life-changing programs. Those at the Beacon level will be invited to go behind the scenes with CCA’s Education team as special guests during a teacher training, as well as receiving thank you cards, a personalized bound book with photos and stories of the students supported by their donation, and the opportunity to join students in the field for their program.