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The Park Interpretive Store

Poke your head in and visit the Crystal Cove Park Interpretive Store and Gallery – a tiny space filled with unexpected treasures.

The Crystal Cove Interpretive Store has become a serious collectors’s destination. Our beachfront shop features museum-quality California Impressionist paintings by invited and juried artists. All paintings are beautifully framed and presented with brief biographies of the plein-air artists. You will also find award-winning photography of the cottages and our beach, including some of the images featured on our website.

We are also proud to feature work from local artisans including sculpture, jewelry, and vintage signs. And we’re find purveyors of funky driftwood wind chimes, window glass decorations, posters all to help you keep things Covey once you’re back home.

Of course you can find t-shirts, sand toys, postcards. Shopping at The Store also helps Crystal Cove Alliance raise additional funds for their mission of restoration and education at Crystal Cove State Park Historic District. So nest time you are looking for a souvenir, a special gift or a fine plein air painting purchase it at The Store and help us restore the cottages!

Store Hours: Monday thru Sunday, 9am-5pm


949.376.6200 x203

Kian Maleki, Manager, Park Interpretive Store –  kmaleki@crystalcovealliance.org