A big THANK YOU to the more than 400 guests that gathered on the bluff overlooking

Crystal Cove at the Crystal Cove Alliance (CCA) 14th annual Soiree

 on Saturday, October 1, 2016


The sold-out event raised a record-breaking $418,000 in support of the nonprofit’s commitment to protect and preserve the cultural, natural and historic resources of

Crystal Cove State Park.


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$50,000 SPONSOR



The Massen Greene Foundation




$30,000 SPONSOR








Eva and Doug Le Bon




$20,0000 SPONSOR



Louise G. Brigham


Laura Davick **



$10,000 SPONSOR







The Hexberg Family Foundation


Teddie Ray


Fred and Wendy Salter



$5,000 SPONSOR



Tricia and Michael Berns







Christine Carr


Paula & Jeff Cole and Ann & Eric Smyth


The Collazo Family Foundation


Contrarian Group Inc.


Diana and Gareth Evans







Melanie and Michael Harrah







Bertie Lowenstein



Mara and Keith Murray


Sonia and Victor Nichols


Opus Community Foundation


Natasha and Todd Palmaer


Janet and James "Walkie" Ray


Michael Ray







Joan Irvine Smith & Athalie R. Clarke Foundation


Susan Tate








$2,500 SNAP! (Science and Nature at the Park)

Education Programs



Wylie and Bette Aitken


Rick Aversano


Lori and Harley Bassman


Honorable Keith and Pamela Curry


Julie Laughton


MacGillivray Family Foundation


Annette and Bucky Oltmans




$1,500 Citizen Science School Programs



Susan and Spencer Croul


Barbara Ferguson and Kevin Shepherd


Sherry and Warren Fix


Bonnie Gregory


Stephanie and Ken Grody


Karol and Michael Gottfredson


Deborah and David Lake


Debbie Lewis


Little Diversified Architectural Consulting


Lisa and Josh Martin


Will and Jenny O'Neill





Hugh Bradley and Christine Pappas


Jean and Evan Siegel





Jennifer Steele and Jay Bauer


Larry and Jill Tucker


Jennifer Van Bergh




$1,000  I can’t attend, but I’d like to support access

to CCA’s education programs





Barbara Hamkalo


Laura Tarbox



Special Thanks to:







* In-kind Sponsor

** Cash (In-Kind Sponsor)


Listed as of 9/28/2016