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Crystal Cove Alliance supports Crystal Cove State Park’s broader conservation efforts by facilitating strategic partnerships that help Park managers more efficiently and effectively accomplish conservation goals.  CCA’s efforts have helped to protect the Park’s 2,400 acres of pristine coastal sage scrub habitat, 3.2 miles of undeveloped beach and tide pools, and 1,100 acres of offshore Underwater Park.

CCA has helped to link Crystal Cove State Park’s resource managers and environmental scientists to research scientists at local universities such as University of California, Irvine.  These connections, often integrating members of the public as Citizen Scientists who volunteer to collect data, give State Park managers the tools they need to make decisions based on current science.

In 2011, CCA took on a leadership role by establishing the Backcountry Council, which connected resource managers from six different agencies, including Crystal Cove State Park, in order to promote cohesive management throughout local protected open spaces.


Conservation MPA SignCrystal Cove Alliance was also instrumental in the establishment of a new Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area off the coast of Crystal Cove State Park in January of 2012.

Through its Citizen Science Marine Protected Area Cruise program for high school students, CCA facilitates the collection and analysis of data that will inform the five-year adaptive review process in 2017.


Conservation Mustard RemovalIn 2014, CCA worked with Crystal Cove State Park environmental scientists to pilot a new invasive removal program to assist with the invasive mustard problem in Crystal Cove State Park.  During April’s “Get Out the Mustard” initiative, over 100 volunteers from CCA’s corporate partners pulled 127 trash bags full of mustard and removed it from the Park.

The invasive removal program will expand in 2015, with a public volunteer event planned in connection to Crystal Cove State Park’s Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 25, 2015.