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Crystal Cove Alliance is committed to restoration in Crystal Cove State Park.  Through the efforts of CCA, twenty-one of the original thirty-eight historic cottages in Crystal Cove’s Historic District have already been restored, preserved to capture lifestyles between 1935-1945.

Restoration Cottage #29AThe Historic District now supports many activities that bring California’s historic beach culture to life.  Sixteen of the historic cottages have been turned into overnight rentals for the public, managed by Crystal Cove Beach Cottages under the CCA umbrella.

The remaining restored cottages have been put into public service providing food (Beachcomber, Shake Shack), educational venues (Education Commons, Visitor Center, Cultural Center, Rotating Exhibition Cottage, Beaches Film & Media Center, and the Park & Marine Research Facility), and supporting Park Operations (Guest Services).

Public Small Movie NightCCA remains committed to bringing the Historic District to life for visitors.  During the summer, public programs like Community Days, Plein Air art classes, and its Movies on the Beach series invite visitors to experience what life was like in the Cove from 1935-1945.

On the third Sunday of each month, Laura Davick, former life-long resident of the Historic District and Crystal Cove Alliance’s Founder & Director of External Affairs, guides visitors through the story of Crystal Cove’s history, its rescue, and the future plans for Crystal Cove State Park.


Restoration Cottage 1For more information on different ways to experience the restored Crystal Cove Historic District, visit the links below: