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Sunset on North Beach’s seventeen cottages of Phase III with restoration in progress.

Crystal Cove Alliance has played an integral role in the preservation and restoration of the vintage beach cottages in Crystal Cove State Park’s Historic District. Thanks to our efforts, 29 of the original 46 cottages have been restored, preserved to capture lifestyles between 1935 – 1955.

Sixteen of these historic cottages have been turned into overnight rentals for the public, managed by Crystal Cove Beach Cottages under the CCA umbrella.  Each year, over 25,000 guests take a trip back in time to stay in California’s last surviving intact beach community.  The remaining restored cottages have been put into public service providing food (Beachcomber, Shake Shack), educational venues (Education Commons,
Visitor Center, Cultural Center, Rotating Exhibition Cottage, Beaches Film & Media Center, and the Park & Marine Research Facility), and supporting Park Operations (Guest Services).

For specific information about Reserving a Cottage for overnight stays, please visit the Crystal Cove Beach Cottages website.  To view more interior images of the cottages, visit the Crystal Cove Alliance Pinterest page.

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