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Historic Cottages
along the Coast of Crystal Cove State Park will soon be Restored
to their former Glory (KABC)

Crystal Cove through the Years

Imagine for a moment, how different Orange County would have been without our beautiful Crystal Cove…Without the Irvine Ranch, early film making history, the plein air art that has been captured here for over 100 years, without the original cove squatters who lovingly constructed these historic little beach cottages, without our childhood memories of Crystal Cove, the stables and Scotchman’sCove, without that breathtaking panoramic VISTA as we drive down Pacific Coast. Several times, almost lost, and now saved, for future generations. Take a moment and step back in time and celebrate the Crystal Cove that we all love! 

CCA Education Programs


Sustain Our Students

Understand CCA’s divers programs and see what a difference we are making in the lives of many. From our Marine Protected Area Citizen Science Cruises, to the Braille Institute, to the Berns Environmental Study Loop – all hands on experiences that teach at a deeper level!   The Sustain Our Students program is designed to give back to our generous donors while giving teachers and students access to Crystal Cove Alliance’s inspirational education programs.
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